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The Ask the Planner podcast gives sophisticated couples expert tips on how to style, plan, and execute a thoughtfully curated wedding.

Every other week join your host Desiree Adams as she interviews leading wedding industry experts and discusses the often overlooked details that take weddings from pretty parties to heirloom occasions.

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You'll get questions beforehand, and we'll let the conversation flow naturally from there. But, notes on your main points is helpful! 

Episode Notes & Talking Points

Yes, the Apple earbuds work just fine! Nothing fancy needed. You just been to be able to hear me NOT out of the computer's speakers.

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This is important for our audio quality. If you don't have a professional mic, PLEASE find a quiet space with lots of soft fixtures (a walk-in closet works well!) to absorb the sound.

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 ✔ 86% are female

 ✔56% are aged 25-34

 ✔ Listeners are excited to plan their wedding and many are doing it on their own. They enjoy hearing real, tangible advice they can implement immediately. 

I recommend listening to one of our guest interviews before our interview!

Listeners are engaged couples and members of the wedding industry. Some are industry veterans, others are aspiring planners or photographers. All are welcome!

So, who's listening?

YOU'LL TEACH ON THE TOPIC. Then we'll move to the interview. It will be a structured conversation so that our conversation has a logical flow and makes sense to the listener. We can go off script and be spontaneous if the conversation heads in that direction, and we'll return to the outline when we're ready. 


YOU'LL TELL YOUR STORY. I'll read your bio at the top of the show, but I'm excited for you to share about your background and expertise before we get to the interview.


WE'LL CHAT BEFORE WE HIT RECORD. We won't be hopping right into the interview. I'll answer any of your questions, review some housekeeping notes, and go over our outline before we start!


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